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Revive Recovery Clothing Co.

Pretty cool name, Right? Yeah I thought so too. Hey there. My name is Umbra and this is my brand! If you're here and in recovery, you're a supporter of recovery, or just curious and love the brands designs.


Well, here is a bit about me.

I am American-Born, I was born in the hottest month on average - August, and so if you believe in that type of thing, I am a Leo! My Favorite color is Purple and when I say "roof" it apparently sounds like I am barking.

Okay, if you're still reading - you've invested. Time for the truth you're looking for.

I am an Ex-Addict. I have 4 Years clean as of writing this from my D.O.C. That stands for Drug of Choice. I tried many ways to stay clean & sober but fell in the gray for a long time and was "California Sober" until I relapsed on another substance and experience the old familiar friend, Loss of ALL and Everything, like I had previously in my life.

I have found so much more growth, in all forms, spiritually, emotionally, romantically, physically, and financially. Just EVERY way in my life has BLOSSOMED into Glory!

I have been inspired AND supported by the community around me to take this leap.

So, here we are, I am putting all my coins into this and crossing my fingers!

Let's go on a journey!

Thanks for reading.

- Umbra Long - Cert./Lic. RSPS - Label Owner - Producer - 12-Step Sponsor - Proud Owner of Revive Recovery Clothing!

A Son - A Brother - A Friend

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